Tuesday 5 February 2013

Cold Weather Gear

The Swedes say there is no such thing as cold weather, only inappropriate clothing. Well, I've been getting myself kitted out appropriately for sitting in the coxswain's seat in the thoroughly British winter we've been having.
The first purchase was a pair of thermal undies from Marks & Spencer (of course - does anyone else actually sell undies?). Merino wool. Soft, supremely comfy and far too warm to row in. For coxing, ideal.
Next up was a Berghaus mid-layer to replace a useless and too-small windproof that someone got me for Christmas. Don't you hate having to pay extra for the thing you really want? But it is lovely and warm and has a nice pocket for my GPS (a useful bit of kit that also acts as a mobile phone).
This weekend I hit the jackpot with a set of Musto foulies, a jacket and a pair of salopettes. This is serious kit. Wind and water seem not to penetrate at all. Loads of pockets for stuff, the only irritating thing being that you have to rip open a velcro pocket cover to get your hankerchee out. I have had to resort to stuffing it up my sleeve, something I haven't done since I was a child.
You will notice the Langstone Adventure Rowing logo embroidered neatly on the breast. That it is company issue kit. I am qualifying as a rowing coach (level 2, fixed seat) so I can train crews for Channel crossings.
I spent the weekend in Weymouth on the first two days of the course, doing training techniques, first aid and man overboard drills. I learned a very great deal and met some tremendous people from local gig clubs.
This kit is going to get worn a lot.


Unknown said...

Chris, what about the feet ?

Chris Partridge said...

So far, I've found that a pair of socks and welly boots are sufficient. If I was walking through snow it would be a different matter, I suspect.