Thursday 21 February 2013

Pizza Boat for Sale

This is Colscopter's pizza boat, so-called because it was built for less than the price of a takeaway pizza.
The hilarious video relates how the builder knocked it up out of wood from skips, cheap nails and silicone bathroom sealant. Total cost: £7.50.
On launch day in a local canal it works rather well, taking the wake from a passing narrowboat in its stride. He shouted "It's home made!" to the boat's steerer, who can be heard replying "It looks it!"
Some people have no respect.
The boat is now fitted with skis for some unexplained reason, and is now on eBay. Don't bid more than £7.50 for it.


JP said...

Bollocks, no rowlocks.

Maybe they're in the deluxe version at 9.99?

Anonymous said...

Hammer price on Ebay £0.99

`Nuff said !

joss delaney said...

What a delightful boat for sale! And at unbelievable price! Certainly your pizza boat catches
attention. Thumbs down to negative minds who do not appreciate innovative ideas. I say it
should be bid for more on ebay.