Sunday, 28 July 2013


Here's how to launch a new boat with style.
'Shenanigan' was built by Oregon Coot Dick Mitsch (right), and is shown being rowed by the intrepid Bob Larkin.
This thing is even smaller than my own Simbo. But the Coots, an informal gathering of boat nuts, seems to have a thing about absurdly small boats - the picture below shows Dennis Banta's Tiny Ripple, built to a design by William Atkin. Behind is a faering by Iain Oughtred.
Thanks to Duckworks Magazine for the headsup, and John Kohnen for the pics. There are a lot more great photos at his Flickr stream.


Unknown said...


For the record, the "Faering" is a Whilly Boat (noted in the captions on the photostream).

Chris Partridge said...

How lazy I'm getting!

doryman said...

I think it's fair to say the Whilly Boat is based on a faering. We'll have to ask Iain someday. Thanks Chris for documenting my buddies throwing their cares to the winds!