Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seax Gig ready to splash

The Seax gig is finally ready for launch, and she looks superb. Designer and builder Keith Webster sounds fairly chipper too, as well he might for he has found a home for it (but that isn't him in the picture - that is Adrian Mather, rower and unicyclist supreme). Keith writes:
"There is a bit of a rush to get her on the water as a small group of us have started a new club, Southend Coastal rowing club. If she goes well it looks like I may have a couple to build in short order.
Cheers, Keith"
The founding of another rowing club is always good news. Southend CRC aims to provide all sorts of rowing from sliding seat racing to casual pottering. They even have a stated ambition to do the Celtic Challenge, a 90 mile race from Ireland to Wales for certified lunatics only.
The club already has a sliding seat coxless pair and the Seax gig will soon join the fleet. 


Unknown said...

The gentleman in the photo is in fact Adrian Mathers, rower & aclaimed unicyclist!

Chris Partridge said...

Sorry Keith (and Adrian)!
Rower AND unicyclist, eh? Obviously has an incredible sense of balance.....