Thursday, 19 December 2013

Carbon Blades

Oars are such a nightmare. To carry, to photograph, to wrap, to send in the post....
Anyway, Steve Woods has a number of practically-new carbon blades for sale. They have been used two or three times in our abortive initiative to get Langstone Cutters onto sliding seats. The boats had to go back and the oars now need to go too.
He has four thee pairs of Braca standard Macon sculls, list price £700/pair. He would like £500 a pair. £280 per pair, saving 30 per cent off list price [update from Steve].
Steve also wants to dispose of a training plank, a rather strange flat object with outriggers and a sliding seat, designed to help new rowers get used to the sliding seat action before facing the extra challenge of a cocktail-stick boat. Invaluable for clubs. It is listed on Janousek's price list at £1,470 but can be yours for £1,175.
While I'm on the subject of sales, Steve's neighbour Sadie is selling her immaculate Salter double skiff 'Holly'. Complete with two pairs of sculls and a combi trailer, Holly is a snip at £999. (Actually, Sadie said she wants a grand but if Tesco says lopping all those zeroes off the price makes a difference, it's clearly worth doing).
If you are interested in any of these items, email me and I will put you in touch.

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