Tuesday 25 August 2015

A Concerned Reader Writes

Reader Patrick asks: "New RFP rule? The skipper of the new Snarleyow is apparently a stickler for the wearing of PBAs. Unlike the previous bloke."

Patrick: This blog is committed to safety and always does a risk assessment for its activities, as follows:
Hazardous Event
Risk Assessment
Risk Mitigation
Sudden immersion due to capsize, being knocked overboard by boom or falling overboard when moving about in boat.
Severity: High
Likelihood: High
Risk: High
Wear lifejacket
Rower sits in middle of boat which is stabilized by two 10ft poles.
Severity: Low
Likelihood: Low
Risk: Negligible
No mitigation measures required


Bursledon Blogger said...

Your risk assessment fails to take account of the weather conditions.

Current weather - Mitigation: Stay in pub

Chris Partridge said...

That was indeed today's risk assessment just about word for word.

PicoMicroYacht said...

A bit depends on the boat and the pub

PicoMicroYacht said...

Does it depend on the boat or the pub...

as I found out when I swapped PicoMicroYacht for a single sculling boat


Chris Waite said...

Life is a risk we will all eventually lose

Childhood is when we learn to make real time assessments

He who hesitates long enough to write about it as an adult is lost

Badly and a lot

Christo the W.