Sunday 23 August 2015

New Toys

I have been playing with my new toy at the Dinghy Cruising Association's annual camp at Cobnor, a peninsular in Chichester harbour close to Bosham. 
Yesterday my chum Paul and I took her up to Dell Quay in company with Chris Waite in his self-designed and built sailing dinghy Polly Wee. As the wind was in the east, unusually, I decided to test Snarleyow's performance under oars by rowing the long straight reach at Itchenor while Chris beat up, tacking in and out of the lines of very expensive yachts. I am happy to report that we kept up with him nicely.
Chris had to return early but Paul and I hauled the rig up and carried on to the Crown and Anchor. On the beach was a family experimenting with its new toy, an RS Aero that had clearly recently been bought for No1 Son, seen here installing the daggerboard. He seemed to be having a lot of fun too.


Tillerman said...

Those RS Aeros are showing up everywhere!

John said...

Hi Chris,

Smug, smugger, smuggest: works for me!

"peninsular", though, is an adjective: the noun is "peninsula"

Jus' sayin'