Saturday 6 February 2016

My New Rowing Jacket

I pack a waterproof jacket in my bag whenever it looks like rain, and lately that has been ALL THE BLOODY TIME. But all the jackets I have had so far have had one or more irritating defects, the main one being letting water in within minutes of a shower starting but that is probably because I am a notorious cheapskate and will not pay more than about thirty sovs for any item of clothing.
My most recent one is pictured on the left. I went sculling in it the other day and it reminded me in no uncertain terms how appalling it is.
The front zip has a flap over it, held in place by velcro, which caught my thumb at the end of EVERY stroke. It really was getting to me by the end. The slight ripping noise as the velcro came apart didn't help.
The next annoyance is the hood. Hoods are a big nuisance when trying to look over your shoulder and this one is so loose it completely blinds you. It can be folded away into the collar but that makes the collar bulky and uncomfortable.
So today I went shopping and ended up in Mountain Warehouse where I found the jacket on the right.
The zip and the taped seams are waterproof (its says on the label) and there is no flap to catch thumbs. There is no hood. And it has a nice tail on the back so the person behind you is not regaled with any put-offing views when you lean forward to the catch.
You will have spotted the fact that it is actually a cycling jacket but I am prepared to overlook this (and the dayglo piping) for all its other advantages. And the fact that it was on sale at £29.99 (original price £69.99).


Tillerman said...

Looks very smart. And in this year's "hot" colour too!

All the lady rowers are going to want to polish your rowlocks now.

Chris Partridge said...

They are. And they'll want me to be their cox.

Unknown said...

I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the new jacket. Like you I've tried many over the years and encountered all the same drawbacks.
The purpose made jackets (Powerhouse, Godfrey Sports etc) are undoubtedly the best, but tend to be pricey. Interestingly they're not that much more than the original price of yours.
It really depends how seriously you take your hobby,how comfortable you wish to be, whether you actually wish to row in it or just have something to keep you warm afterwards.
I seldom row in a jacket as I find that I get very hot, even in the coldest weather, but on the odd occasion when I do I can highly recommend the Godfrey G3.
I've tried one very similar to your new jacket and found that it quickly became a case of ' boil in the bag as there wasn't sufficient ventilation. Rowing involves a lot more body movement than cycling, (although at my age that may no longer be altogether true)

Unknown said...

Sorry, that should be "Godfrey G2".
Arithmetic never was my strong point.

Chris Partridge said...

I try and combat the overheating problem by layering, and choosing unlined jackets that keep the wind and rain out rather than the cold. The new jacket has zipped vents under the armpits and another vent at the top of the back. I'll let you know how it works!

Alastair said...

I have found that places that cater to farmers tend to have good value wet weather gear. They expect the wearer to be moving about and working hard.

Unknown said...

Also hoods are not helpful. Hat every time for keeping my bald bits dry.