Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rowing by satnav (Part 2)

Another glorious day, the sort of weather that makes paddling in winter one of the greatest activities known to man and swan. A clear sky and not a breath of wind so I had the harbour virtually to myself, apart from two irritating buzzy outboards. I hope they got hypothermia. I had to remove a couple of layers to avoid boiling over.
Took the Satmap satnav out again and learned a good lesson right at the start. If you leave the thing on overnight the batteries will be completely dead come the morning.
The Satmap uses three AA batteries, which adds to the volume but means that you can get a burst of power simply by buying a few more - something you can do just about everywhere in the world these days, from the shores of the Dead Sea to half-way up Everest.
If I start using the Satmap a lot, however, I will invest in a set of lithium rechargables that will make it much cheaper to run.

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