Sunday 3 February 2008

Flashboats (again)

People keep on pointing to Paul Gartside's design for a 15ft rowing/sailing boat 'Bob' as one of the shapes they love the most, and it is indeed comely. Although based in British Columbia, Paul was born in Cornwall and based 'Bob' on a Cornish flashboat.
She is a bit short for a flashboat but is a only a single- or double-hander - a flashboat carries up to four plus cox. Bob can carry a small lugsail for downwind, and Paul has sensibly omitted a centreboard which is a horrid obstruction and is only any use in going upwind when you should be rowing anyway. He has also omitted the nasty and dangerous boom, suggesting instead that you pole out the sail with an oar when running before the wind.
This picture from Paul's website is a peach.
Interested in racing flashboats? Penryn Rowing Club has a full schedule of races both in flashboats and pilot gigs.

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