Monday 18 February 2008

Scandinavian style rowing boat on eBay

Here's an interesting skiff for sale on eBay. It is said to be in a Scandinavian style, 15ft long by 4ft 6in beam.
One curious feature is the pair of lengthwise slats forming a seat, presumably allowing rowers to sit wherever they feel comfortable. I have to say it looks as though it might be a bit of a fundamental pain after an hour or so. Only one stretcher is visible, which I imagine can be adjusted to bring the oarsman into the correct relationship with the rowlocks. It is a bit difficult to see but there appear to be two pairs of rowlocks, one either side of the centre frame - why?
The other unusual feature is the small motor well, set to one side towards the stern. Its position would make it a little difficult to steer with, I suspect, but even a small engine should propel the long, slim hull at a reasonable lick, in a straight line at least.
The initial bid is £50. If I wasn't already approaching my unspoken but inviolable domestic limit on boat numbers I would be tempted.....

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