Monday 25 February 2008

Pilot gig model on eBay

The description of this item on eBay reads: "CARVED FROM ONE PIECE OF WOOD, A RATHER NICE 11" LONG MODEL ROWING SKIFF".
In fact it is a model of the Scilly Isles pilot gig Nornour, built in 1971 by Gerald Pearn. It looks rather nice, and a snip at a tenner. I might put in a bid myself.
A leading light of the Pilot Gig World Championship (held every May bank holiday on the Scilly Isles) recently told me that they win regularly because they go out in all weathers, unlike Cornish crews who "see a few white caps and go back in again".
Here is a great pic of Nornour out in a lot of white caps - look at the wave running down her side. The image is from scillywebcam's Flickr site.

PS if anyone is interested in the Scandinavian-style skiff I mentioned last week, bidding is stuck at £50 and the reserve has not been met. It must be worth more than fifty sovs. The auction closes in a few hours so hurry if you are interested.

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