Wednesday 19 March 2008

Rowers to the rescue!

It's every yachtsman's nightmare. The sails are down as you enter harbour and the motor suddenly dies. You drift inexorably between the arms of two piers with no place to tie up, the boat bouncing against the stanchions and the top of the mast beating itself to pieces on the pier deck. You have to give the tiller to your girl, who is fabulous in many ways but doesn't have a clue.
A yacht circles round like a mama chicken, concerned but useless.
And worst of all, it is Pier 39 in San Francisco. A million tourists get their camcorders out and record your misery to feed public schadenfreude on the Web.
But who is this on the horizon? It's Rowing Man, with his two trusty sidekicks Bow Girl and Stern Guy! They grab a painter and haul him out. Thanks, Rowing Man!

The rescue from Lee Shore on Vimeo.
Thanks to David at Never Sea Land for the heads-up)

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