Friday 14 March 2008

Rowing for Breakfast

When I was a kid my parents used to take us down the River Thames in my grandparents' double skiff to have breakfast on the bank. Dad did a fry-up on his terrifying petrol-fired stove and we messed about in the water for a few hours until it was time for lunch, more or less.
So the mouth-watering pic on Ben Crawshaw's entertaining blog The Invisible Workshop brought back memories. Ben went one step further, though - he rowed to breakfast in his luscious little boat Onawind Blue, a Light Trow designed by Gavin Atkin, in the Med, off Tarragona where he lives.
He has very sensibly abandoned running, an activity that is both harmful to health and makes you look like a dork, and taken up rowing a few miles in the morning and taking breakfast halfway. The menu (fried egg, fried bacon, fresh bread and wine) balances all the food groups in a way that is clinically proven to buck you up no end.
And if you were directed here from, YES, I did nick the link from there and NO, this is not a quid pro quo for Gav's generous link to this blog yesterday.

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