Tuesday 28 October 2008

Amble up the Hamble

I'm discovering the source of the mighty Hamble river on Saturday, in aid of the Stroke Association. A small fleet of intrepid explorers will be accompanying me, and I am glad to see the weather outlook is reasonable given the time of year.
Anyone who would like to join in is cordially invited to turn up with boat at Swanwick Hard at around 1100. The natives say the source is about five kilometres away, at the legendary happy hunting ground, a land flowing with beer and crisps.
See www.justgiving.com/chrismpartridge for details, and while you are there you can sponsor me if you feel so inclined. Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris-

Glad to help out with your cause, but the URLs for the donation site seem broken. Maybe its just me. You might check them.


Chris Partridge said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Tim. The exact link is: http://www.justgiving.com/chrismpartridge

I'm going to fix the post now.
Today's the Day! But it looks like rain, so The Day may actually be next week. Does that make sense?