Tuesday 28 October 2008

Rowing off California

Kim Apel writes from California with this great picture of his friend Nelius rowing towards Morro Rock, a dramatic outcrop on the coast:

Chris: I enjoy your website, and in return I feel obligated to contribute something. Attached is a photo I just received of my friend Nelius R., from his camping and rowing trip in September to Morro Bay, on the central coast of California.
Morro Rock, as the small mountain in the photo is named, is sort of a mini-Gibralter at the entrance to Morro Bay. The boat is a 14' home-built “Cosine Wherry”.
I have more rowing photos from the western U.S. if you’re interested.
The Cosine Wherry is a strip-built skiff described in the book Rip, Strip and Row! by JD Brown.
It is available in the UK here at £18, which must be a bargain for a full set of plans for this lovely boat. It looks like Nelius did a fabulous job with his.
Thanks for that, Kim - and do send more!

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