Monday 15 March 2010

Viking longboat at Turks Film Boats Auction

This Viking longboat would be a stunning part of any rowing club's fleet. It would create a real impression at regattas. Even before the lootin', rapin' and pillagin'. And you can buy it at the Turks Film Boats auction.
She was built by noted wooden boatbuilder Ian Richardson in Orkney, so it must be just about the most authentic and well-built replica you can get. The hull is a dramatic 50ft long, with a beam of 10ft, but it splits in two for easier towing. Ten oars, mast and rudder are included, but it is unclear whether you get the dragon's head shown in the picture (which comes from Ian's website).


Steve S said...

Chris, I don't the the LCRC boat park is large enough to store this one!...... there's also probably not enough tide to float her regualrly ;-) Dream on!


Chris Partridge said...

Dream? I have a simple, achievable three-point plan:
1) Win the lottery;
2) Buy one of those houses on Bosham Hoe with a slipway into Itchenor channel;
3) Pillage and burn Chichester Marina (hell, they deserve it).

Steve S said...

Hell that's a great idea... let me know when it's happening and I'll take a day of work and be your Cox for the day!!

Anonymous said...

This Longboat has sold before the Auction, with a Buy it Now option, which I have not seen anywhere on the site. Also note they have an overtime bidding system. I clicked on their button which explains it.

If you bid in the last ten minutes, then the auction extends another 10 minutes, so it keeps going until the highest price anyone is prepared to pay is reached. So, same as an auction room and not the same as eBay!


Chris Partridge said...

I noticed that with disappointment - my dream of living a Viking raiding lifestyle has evaporated!