Tuesday 23 November 2010

Go Gadget Blades!

These are the weirdest blades ever. Even weirder than those face-forward crank ones. It is not even clear what the advantage is. BalancePoint oars don't seem to be in business, so I suppose they never got into production. Anyone know different?


HTBS editor Göran R Buckhorn said...

Chris - read more about BalancePoint Oar Handles on the following link:

Very best, Göran

Geoff Probert said...

They are even weirder than you thought. Have a look at this.

I'm sure that the sentiment is good i.e. reduce the twisting of the back and torso that sweep oar rowing imposes, but then that's what sculling is for isn't it.

According to Power Athletics they have been banned by FISA, so you'll be unlikely to see any in use.
Best wishes

Chris Partridge said...

Of course FISA banned them, that's what FISA does. They would be interesting to try, though. Do the claimed advantages outweigh the cost and complexity?

Tuvshin said...

Imagine catching a crab with this thing...

Chris Partridge said...

Seamus Woods of Balance Point Oar Handles emailed:
The handles were banned by FISA, so production was stopped. There are a few used ones around, but since they can't be used in competition (and there aren't many sweep rowersforpleasure) we froze the project. They aren't actually all that complex -- just a pivoting handle on the load axis of the oar -- so if you just relax the shoulders and pull, the oar locks right in. Feathering is simple too, but I doubt I'd convince you of that in an email.



Chris Partridge said...

I suspect you have to try these things before you can truly appreciate what they are about. An interesting idea though.