Wednesday 31 August 2011

Atchafalaya Basin Piroque

Doryman today features a type of boat I hadn't come across before - the Atchafalaya Basin Piroque from Louisiana. It is designed to be rowed forwards through the still, narrow, congested channels of the bayous.
It would be a great boat for England's canals - you can see where you are going, and I imagine that you could push the boat along close to the 4mph speed limit. I think I would try and design it to keep the bow in the water to maximise the waterline length, however.


Chris Waite said...

Jolly Good

But my stubby little sailor's legs don't approve of standing up long enough to get anywhere very interesting

Chris W

Chris Partridge said...

Having a crew would solve both the stamina and bows-out-of-the-water problems at one fell swoop.

doryman said...

Cee Dubs, I'm with you on this one. If I wanted to walk, I'd walk.

Anonymous said...

May Cher'
That bow is like dat because of da weather change fast down here.yea!
Sometimes to get to dim still waters you got to cross da lake yea!