Monday 15 August 2011

Fairey Pixie on eBay

A Fairey Pixie canoe with its oars has appeared on eBay
Fairey Marine built the Pixie in the 1950s and 60s, mainly for use as a tender to their yachts though they did try and sell them to the Special Boat Service. They could be split in half and stowed on the foredeck of the yacht or the back of the Volvo estate. Or, of course, in a submarine if you happened to be the SBS.
A beautifully restored Pixie was shown at the Beale Park Boat Show in 2008.
This one is the 10ft version, with decks (the owner rather charmingly calls the decks 'upper front and back sections') and a pair of oars (though the owner confesses it has no 'oar holdings'). The hot moulded hull seems to be intact, so it would make a rather satisfying restoration project.

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