Thursday 22 September 2011

Bursledon Gigs at the Great River Race

Bursledon Gigs from the River Hamble were out in force at the GRR, with boats from Hamble River Rowing and the Sea Scouts, who won in most of the Scouts classes. Smartest boat on the river was Mistress, the Hand family gig.


Chris said...

I have been tempted by these gigs a couple of times - do you know if they row pleasantly enough solo?

Chris Partridge said...

I would suggest a solo rower would get more out of a slimmer, lighter boat with less transom, more like a traditional Thames skiff. They are very stable, however.

Chris said...

Thanks for the response, I guess that figures, looks pretty beamy with a fulsome turn of bilge. I might have a look at the 'Fox 14' which seems a little more performance oriented. I row Thames skiffs at the moment but am looking for something a bit more suitable for solo Coastal touring. Love the blog.