Monday 19 September 2011

Great River Race Results

Launching at Millwall
The preliminary results are in and, while not wishing to brag HELL NO! None of that English Classic Yacht reticence here! Gladys was AWESOME!
Not only did we retain both the Veterans over-60 and Fastest Clayton skiff cups, we cut five minutes off last year's time and came 8th in the Veterans over-40 class, which means we beat 73 boats crewed by people twenty years our junior! Take that, puppies!
AND we came 13th in the Four-oared boat class, which includes no fewer than 169 boats.
Well rowed Geoff Shilling, Chris Bream, Chris Penfold and Mike Gilbert (from stern, and that's me at No2). And thanks to Passenger 1st Class Jake Gilbert for uncomplainingly putting up with the wind and rain, and unwrapping food items for his dad and me.
Coxwain Geoff Shilling gives a passing dragon boat a few words of encouragement and advice


JP said...

Great rowing - well done to Chris and all on Gladys.

Glad you had none of that classics reticence - certainly deserve a bit of glory after what must have been a very wet afternoon.

I have more photos I could post: if you have some boat names you'd like to see let me know.

Joe Lane said...

Well done to Gladys & crew. Always nice to see my friends from the South coast on the Thames.

Joe and all aboard Trinity Tide (284)