Sunday 22 April 2012

Depoe Bay

It's the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show, Crab Feed and Ducky Derby in Oregon this weekend, an event I've always wanted to go to. Andy Linn in nearby Toledo was hoping to demonstrate two Mollyhawk rowing boats there this year, but so far no indication on his Sleeping Schnauzer blog on whether the boats were complete in time.
Depoe Bay is billed as the world's smallest harbour, or the 'hole in the wall'. It is more or less a cleft in the cliffs facing the Pacific, with a bridge making the entrance seem even smaller. The wooden boat festival attracts boat nuts from round the country every year.
Andy hopes to join in the Scottish Coastal Rowing phenomenon by building a St Ayles skiff or two at the Toledo Community Boathouse, but to test the appetite for rowing on the Yachina River he and a group of volunteers are starting out with the more modest Mollyhawk design from John Welsford. It is a flat bottomed, stitch and glue sculling pair that should go like a dose of salts.

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