Monday 2 April 2012

World's largest Rowing Class

The world's largest rowing class was held in Victoria, British Columbia, last month. Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek (Beijing 2008) took the class, held not so much for education as getting into the Guinness Book of Records. 219 boats took part, and it is gratifying to report that not all were fine boats. A fleet of locally-made Whitehall Spirit sliding seat recreational boats were part of a the diverse fleet.
According to Whitehall Spirit's newsletter:
Many of us had a chance to get out and participate in setting a Guiness Book world record on March 9 as Olympian Adam Kreek conducted the world’s largest rowing class on Victoria’s Upper Harbour. All in all there were 219 rowers in slide seat boats including all the Whitehalls from the WSRC of Victoria with club members on the sculling oars.
A highlight of the record breaking rowing class was when Adam had all the rowers and paddlers and even the crowd watching from ashore sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” in the round. This singing was also likely a record breaking event as well as being a whole lot of fun. 
Adam Kreek was widely admired for his singing of 'O Canada' on the Olympic Rostrum.
I may have mentioned that Langstone Cutters are restoring a second Solent galley, Sallyport. Geoff Shilling, our bosun, has just sent a picture of a new member who dropped in to today to wield a heat gun:

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