Thursday 26 April 2012

Mollyhawk at Depoe Bay

Andy Linn did make it to Depoe Bay, and one of the Toledo Community Boathouse Mollyhawks was completed at the show and made it onto the water. Rowed well, apparently, and even worked well with a motor on the back, though why they should do that beats me.
My attention has been drawn to a couple of slips in the original post - Andy lives not in Toledo itself but in Salem, 79 miles away, which shows how dedicated he is to the success of the community boathouse.
And their river is the Yaquina, pronounced ya-kwin'-ah.
Andy's report is at Duckworks Magazine's May Splash article (scroll down about half way for Andy's bit, but read the whole thing, it's all excellent) and there are lots of lovely pics at the Toledo Community Boathouse site.

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