Thursday 28 February 2013

Rowing the Distance (2)

People have been commenting that the screen of the Talos rowing app featured on yesterday's post consisted of incomprehensible figures.
Well, going out rowing with Mike and Christine in a Teifi with the go-faster carbon oars yesterday, I discovered they are...well...incomprehensible. Couldn't understand what was going on at all. A superb lesson in why one should learn how to use one's equipment before going out on the water.
So today I downloaded another app, BoatCoach, and the screen is totally clear and immediately understandable I'm sure you will agree.
On the other hand, the logo is not nearly as funky:


Rick Thompson said...

OK, Chris, I understand this display. Those carbon oars must be good, that works out to 10.8 mph!

Alberto A. Villa said...

it seems great! Information and details in spanish at:

Alberto A. Villa said...

Rick Thompson said:
"...Those carbon oars must be good, that works out to 10.8 mph..."

Ooooops!, it´s more than 8 knots, seem fast, but possible

Toni said...

This is cool!