Wednesday 27 February 2013

Rowing the Distance

A while back I downloaded a thing called Talos Rowing onto my Android phone. It claims to use the satellite navigation and accelerometer to produce all sorts of stats about speed, stroke rate and lots of other things that might improve my technique. So far I haven't even fired it up once, such is my lack of interest in self-improvement. I mean, where is the point?
The latest post on O Dock has inspired me to give it a go, however. He rightly points out that we have forgotten how to walk. I am just as guilty as anyone - the local Tesco is only half a mile away but I always get in the car even if I am only going for a paper and a bottle of wine pure mountain stream water.
So now I am going to use the app even if it is only to log my mileage. I haven't set a target yet, but five miles in an average row is reasonable, and I aim to go out three times a week so that makes 60 miles in a month. I'm sure I can do better than that.
By the way, I really like Talos Rowing's logo:


Tillerman said...

To a non-rower that display is as clear as Chichester Harbour mud. Perhaps you cold write another post explaining what all those numbers mean?

O Docker said...

If there is a human activity, there is an app for it, or more likely half a dozen apps that require research so that the best may be chosen.

I use a five-dollar iPhone app called RunMeter, intended mainly for runners, but that works just as well for walking, cycling, or hopping on one foot while chanting, I'd guess.

I said this about it in the comments on my post:

(It)... does a lot more tracking and logging and data computation than I have any need for. And it has a number of nya-nya features that I've yet to explore. It will, for example, track your progress and post that in real time automatically to your Facebook page, with things like location, current distance and speed, and even a map of where you've been.

It's hard to believe, but I think a lot of people do all of this jogging stuff so that they can show off to their friends.

Ratcatcher said...

Alowing for the fact that "Maths", even back in the day with "O" levels, was always a Black Art to me, I still can`t make the numbers on the display reconcile. Please explain, in simple terms,the errors of my ways.