Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Notes and Jottings

Coming back from a training row last week, who should be leaving but Jim Graham in his rowing canoe. Several people asked how the beam connecting the outriggers worked with his knees so I tried to get a picture. Unfortunately by the time I had retrieved my phone from its bag he was too far off, but it looks as though he can just tuck his feet under it.
On a different note, the Dutch gaff cutter Brandaen was moored in Emsworth channel for most of the week. She is a member of the Old Gaffers Association and was flying the 50th Anniversary pennant, so she must have been taking part in the festivities though she isn't listed.
Brandean doesn't look very Dutch so it was no surprise to find that she was built by the Arma Marine Shipyard in Brightlingsea to the designs of R. Watts, in 1987. The steel hull is based on the lines of the racing smack Ellen.
She's for sale at €240,000.

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