Sunday 7 February 2016

My New Rowing Jacket Gets An Outing

My new rowing jacket got an ergonomics trial today. Happily, given the dreary weather forecast, the sun was out and the wind was light.
All went well. There is no flap over the zip so my thumb did not get caught, though the unfamiliar blades meant I scraped my hands a bit and bled all over.
The sleeves are long enough to allow me to go forward adequately and it kept the wind out nicely, even over the vital rear area left uncovered by so many jackets.
So a success. Its waterproof qualities will be tested another day.
Can anyone guess where I was, though?


Bursledon Blogger said...

Hi Chris not sure where you were this morning but down on the Hamble it was blowing old boots. That said it wasn't cold and a 2 mile upwind row was the equivalent of a 4 mile in normal conditions.

Just as well it kept fine, I forgot my coat!


Alden Smith said...

From my distance the word association is Rowing ... Henley on Thames. But I know this incorrect. So I will play it safe and guess that ..... it's somewhere in England LOL.

Unknown said...

The woodwork on that skiff looks absolutely stunning. What an amazing restoration job. I hope you wiped your feet before you got in!