Sunday, 11 July 2010

Illusion launched

Paul Hadley's latest creation, Illusion, was launched with due ceremony into the River Hamble today. Graham Neil did his 'I'm Scottish and I cannae watch good whisky dribble into the water' act.
The 10ft microcruiser is designed to sail in puddles and major waters. She is large enough to sleep in, but small enough to portage. Paul based her on the legendary Matt Leyden's latest creation Elusion - he would have bought plans but Matt has not made them available. Something about the boat being a bit edgy.

Illusion took to the water with aplomb, floating high because about 90 per cent of the fittings have yet to be added (not to mention all the food and gear for the expeditions she is designed for).
Paul propelled her across the Hamble under oars to the Jolly Sailor, where he said she was reassuringly stable and 'extremely manoeuverable'. With a pronounced rocker and no ballast, she turned on a sixpence. Didn't keep a straight line, however.
It will be very interesting to see how she performs with rig and rudder.
Graham brought his lovely new Coot, resplendent in sweet chestnut, and put the rig up for the first time. She sailed beautifully.

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