Monday, 5 July 2010


I've been called smug for bragging about living close to the loveliest stretches of boating water on the planet, viz Chichester Harbour. It's all true. This evening, for instance, the weather was almost perfect, with blue sky and cottonwool clouds, so I smugly popped out on impulse for a quick row at Bosham, the pretty village that was home to King Canute and King Harold.
On the way back I spotted this boat name. Normally I disapprove of smartypants names like Costa Bomb or Dungardnin, but this one slid under my mental block and gave me a little giggle.


Richard said...

Smug? Sure but do share pictures of what might be called
"the loveliest stretches of boating water on the planet"


Bursledon Blogger said...

Pride comes before a fall - or perhaps splash might be more appropriate - we've just spent the week in Fowey, home to racing gigs, Troy class keel boats and the Fowey River One Design, all that and when the tide is out you can still row and sail!!