Friday 23 September 2011

Southampton Boat Show footnote

The Southampton Boat Show coops most of the nice boats up in a fenced-off ghetto accessed only over a bridge, to isolate them from the Sunseekers. 
This year, Stirling & Son showed their lovely and glowing traditionally-built, real wood rowing boat (above). You can see why Princess wouldn't want it next to their stand, it would show their plastic monsters up rotten.
Ian Thomson of Nestaway Boats was showing his new Trio 16, a big boat that splits into three to fit in the back of a Focus estate. His new outriggers were fitted, a robust design that bolts onto the gunwale rather neatly (right).
Craftsman Craft had on display a 16ft 'yachtsman's launch', which I was a little tempted by - just the thing for pottering about the Solent. 
I particularly liked the plaque below the gunwale, placed there solely to get round the provisions of the Recreational Craft Directive. I wish other Euro-nonsenses were as easy to circumvent.


The Rudstroms said...

What is the "Recreational Craft Directive" that they are avoiding with that sign? I am not familiar with th EU rules.

Great blog, I am glad that I found it.

Chris Partridge said...

The RCD is a European directive of exactly the kind that gets Brits up in arms. It regulates the building and sale of small boats in a way that is bureaucratic, expensive, oppressive and designed to benefit French boatbuilders.