Friday 8 March 2013

Rowing & Regatta

One of the requirements for getting on the rowing coaching course I did recently was to join British Rowing, which I have never done before as they are generally obsessed with elite competition in sliding seat fine boats. They also promote the rowing machine, which is a bomination to the Lord.
But needs must and it was only a pony so I sent off a cheque (how quaint! I had to search through all my drawers to find the book). I was told that I would get a glossy colour magazine every month but expected to have to throw it in the recycling.
Well, my first copy of Regatta & Rowing slid through the letter box yesterday and bugger me if it hasn't got two articles of deep interest. One is the first in a series - a gig rowers diary by Mel Williams of Falmouth, one of our top gig rowers. She provides an insight into the ways of gig rowing that will be invaluable as Langstone Cutters Gig Club moves up through the gears this year.
The other article of note is by Ian Mills, and expatriate Englishman living in Scotland, who relates how a meeting with boatbuilder Alec Jordan led to the building of a St Ayles Skiff in Craill, just one of the 40 clubs around the world that have built these great boats.
I'll be looking forward to the arrival of Regatta & Rowing in future. I wonder if they'd like an article on the Solent galley?

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