Saturday 30 March 2013


We cut across a very curious line of waves coming out of Dell Quay yesterday. The tide was coming in up the channel in a north-easterly direction, and the bitterly cold north-easterly wind was blowing straight over it. The result was a band of standing waves where the channel turns to the north. It was only fifty yards or so wide, but really quite choppy. 
You can just make it out as a line across the crapphone pic.
That's Dell Quay behind, with the crane that chose that very day to plonk all the yachts stored on the staithe for the winter onto the slipway we wanted to use. We had to wait for a whole HALF AN HOUR for the water to reach the other slipway. But the sailing club gave us coffee which was nice of them.


Chris Waite said...


The channel in the last fetch up to Dell Quay does some interesting dog-legging.

I can't quite tell where the overfall is, but it wouldn't be associated with a submerged mudbank, would it?


Chris Partridge said...

That's a thought. There is a spit coming out from the dogleg just there.