Saturday, 17 October 2009

St Ayles Skiff prototype almost ready for launch

Alec Jordan has sent some pics of St Ayles Skiff, fitted out and nearing readiness for an unofficial launch next Saturday to make sure everything works as expected, and its official launch at Anstruther the following weekend. She looks spiffing. I particularly like the offset tiller, though the cox's seat looks a bit cramped for those of us with average size lower ends. Probably a detail designed to ensure that only tiny coxes that won't slow the boat down too much are able to get on board.


Anonymous said...

Chris, are most 4 oared boats coxed or not coxed. Seems a real shame to me to put the weight of a person right back there in the pointed end of this lovely Oughtred design.


Chris Partridge said...

Yesterday I went out with Langstone Cutters in the four-oared Solent Galley, and for a while it looked as though we were only going to be four. One of us expressed doubts about going out, and another said 'Come on, where's your spirit of adventure?'
Which just about sums it up really. With four people concentrating on rowing, it is difficult to keep an eye out ahead. The boat has to be steered by command, so an experienced crew is needed. The cox isn't absolutely necessary but it sure helps.