Saturday 21 August 2010


Sydney, Australia. Midwinter.

Hayling Island, England, Midsummer.
Went rowing with the Supervets in the Clayton Skiff Gladys down to Sparkes Marina, near the harbour mouth. The wind was F4/5 and it threatened to rain the whole time.
It was all in stark contrast to the picture Peter Miller had just sent from Australia, showing the beach at Newcastle Harbour.
Mind you, there were compensations. That blob you can see on the shore in the picture above is a seal. The board paddler wasn't put off by the wind, rain and cold, and this attractive Dunkirk Little Ship was parked in Sparkes.


Frankie Perussault said...

...Sidney, Australia??? The one I know is spelt Sydney... unless they've moved it. lol

Chris Partridge said...

No, that's Sidney Australia, son of Mr and Mrs Australia of New Zealand.
Err...don't know how that slipped through. I've corrected it. Apologies.