Tuesday 24 August 2010

Water Craft out

Lots of rowing stuff in the latest issue of Water Craft, including a great article about the Scottish Coastal Rowing project by Alec Jordan, pictured here with co-builder Chris Perkins at the Water Craft stand at the Beale Thames Boat Show.
Also featured are the IBTC's St Lawrence Skiff that I had taken out for her maiden voyage at Beale the previous year, and Nick Coppins's stunning double-ender Norfolk Skies.
The construction of a Selway-Fisher Thames skiff is detailed, and an interesting article describes building medieval-style surf boats for the new Ridley Scott film Robin Hood.
Kathy Mansfield writes about the BJ17, a development by Nigel Irens of his admired sail/oar raid boat, the King Alfred School Expedition Boat. It is slightly longer, slightly narrower and has a slightly more pronounced wineglass transom, all of which should maker her faster under oars. Indeed, Irens himself comments: "The result, I hope, offers some interesting sailing and, as a bonus, a hull that should tempt the most sedentary of owners to get a nice pair of oars out."
Disappointingly Kathy, who I know can row very well, does not seem to have even loaded the oars onto the boat. Come on Kathy - you've only done half the review!

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