Thursday 12 August 2010

News from round the Web

Henley heroes visited the UK Open Surfboat Championships at Saunton Sands, apparently giving the event 'added respect'. I think participating in a frankly terrifying sport like surfboating gives the 1829 Boat Club crew 'added respect'.
The Artemis transatlantic rowing crew, who smashed the record for rowing from New York to England set 114 years ago by a couple of mad Norwegians, met the Queen Mary on the way. Congratulations to the Artemis, though I have added respect for the original guys, who were correctly dressed for the occasion.
Construction has begun on yet another St Ayles Skiff, this time in Dunbar. 28 kits have now been sold. Tremendous!
But the BEST news of all is that Ben of The Invisible Workshop is back home from hospital. His crewmates rowed across the harbour to welcome him home. Here's wishing you a speedy return to the water, Ben.

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