Saturday 28 August 2010

Lively Lady aground

Here's a sad picture. Lively Lady, the boat that Sir Alec Rose sailed to fame in his 1968 solo circumnavigation, sits on props ashore at Hayling Yacht Company's yard.
A dispute over money between the yard and the charity that owns her has kept her out of the water for more than a year now and there are concerns that she may just rot away.
I passed by on a training run in Lotty, one of Langstone Cutters' Teifi skiffs, with Geoff and Nigel. A lovely day after all the wind and rain of the past week.
Being slightly late arriving at the slipway, I had hurried away from the car and forgot (a) to retrieve my waterproof camera from the glove pocket and (b) to put my non-waterproof mobile phone into the glove pocket. Luckily the phone didn't get wet, but it still took a crap picture.

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