Tuesday 3 August 2010

One of those days

It was one of those days where nothing goes right.
The superior Sealskinz waterproof socks I tried a few weeks ago sprang a leak on their second outing, so I decided to try a pair of ordinary knee-length footie socks instead. It would be wet, but they should dry out quickly, be cooler than trousers and I wouldn't need to change from wellington boots to slip-ons to row.
It was a disaster. Gravel and mud got between the socks and the sandals and felt horrid. The socks were still wet when I got home. And worst of all the sandals had no grip in the stretchers so I couldn't pull forward properly. So it's back to trousers and wellies in future.
I rowed from Bosham to Cobnor where I got out to have a chat to some Dinghy Cruising Association chaps on the beach. When I got back in, I felt a nasty sagging sensation in the seat. It still slid, so I rowed back but very, very carefully. It had split half way across.
The magic of epoxy will make it good as new but it was the cherry on the cake. Gin for moi tonight, I think.


Anonymous said...

Was that sliding seat a commercial offering or something you built for yourself? How much use did you get from it before failure?

Don in Wisconsin, USA

Chris Partridge said...

The seat came with the boat, but it is nicely contoured so it must have been made professionally. I have been using it more or less weekly for nearly ten years so the failure must have been building up for a while.

O Docker said...

Fabric of any sort knows when it has been stitched into the shape of a sock and it will retain moisture virtually forever thereafter.