Sunday 3 March 2013

Portsoy in the Pink

The Portsoy Skiffettes are the first all-woman group to build a St Ayles Skiff, the Soy Quine, which was launched yesterday.
The whole process of the build can be seen on their Facebook page. A top quality job, I think, though I'm not sure about the colour scheme. The pink is very traditional but a bit on the dark side for the salmon pink favoured by clubs such as Leander - that's their tie over there---->.
The picture is by Chris Perkins - lots more top quality images of the event here.


Anonymous said...

Errata - the Skiffettes are the Third all-women group to build and launch. They were preceded by the Rosie Crew in Portland, Oregon and Women on Water from Franklin, Tasmania. Soy Quine was the first Women's build in the UK - the next looks like it might be just up the coast from you at Roedean School!

Chris Partridge said...

Many thanks for that, Chris. It's to be hoped that the Roedean example will stimulate interest in schools, where the St Ayles Skiff is an ideal project in many ways, straddling woodwork and sport.

doryman said...

Congrats to the Soy Quine's! As with the Rosies here in Portland, the all woman's groups take enthusiasm to a new level.

colin said...

The pink wasn't supposed to be salmon (tho' that would be an interesting link with the local area, and the boat was partly built in the Salmon Bothy) - it was supposed to be HOT!