Tuesday 23 September 2014

In the Lock

Last week's visit to Greenland Dock involved a tense passage through the old ship lock into the Thames. 
The original gates were removed when the dock was closed to shipping, being replaced with much narrower quadrant gates. This makes access difficult for rowing boats as the oars are too wide. 
To get in I got the crew to toss oars and helped maintain forward momentum by paddling with stroke's blade, accompanied by a vigorous rendition of Just One Cornetto.
It didn't really work - the boat behaved in a very peculiar way and we drifted round the lock in a rather embarrassing way until bow managed to grab one of the ropes dangling from the side and we got into position.
The following day we brought paddles for bow and cox and things were much more under control.
Thanks to Mick Buckley for the pic.

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JP said...

I get a little twinge of pleasure every time I get the Thames Clipper to Greenwich and it announces its stopping at Greenland.

Alas the view is not quite as I remember it but its a nice thought all the same.