Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Maine rowboat

Our local newsagent mainly stocks mags of agricultural interest, including six (count them - six!) devoted to antique farm machinery from Old Tractor to The Mangol Wurzler, so it was a pleasant surprise when the June issue of WoodenBoat suddenly appeared today. For me, the boat that jumped off the Launchings page was Drake, a rowing boat designed and made by Clint Chase of Portland, Maine.
Clint says the design is a combination of a traditional faering, Joel White's Shearwater and one of this blog's favourite designs, Paul Gartside's Bob. She is 18ft long by 4ft 1in, so should go fairly fast. Flotation is provided by bags in the bow and stern.
Clint aims to make plans available this winter. Take a look here for construction photos and details of his other designs.

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