Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lovely boating weather?

This time of year, the weather is a total lottery and I have won most weekends recently. All week, the weather forecasters have been predicting high winds and rain for today, but although it was blowing F5 the rain held off, so out we went. It was hard work but great, although it was one of those days when it looked as though the dinghy racers were having most fun. A few RS speed machines stormed past, spinnakers bulging like Jordan's washing line on underwear day.
All the houses in Langstone had their storm boards fitted. Everyone has clearly spent time over the summer painting them, so they look very smart. This is my favourite.


Bursledon Blogger said...

It wan't all that bad - especially coming back home down wind :0)


Chris Partridge said...

We were rowing a big heavy boat that had a deep desire to lie across the wind. One side was rowing furiously and the other hardly at all, just to keep the thing going in a straight line. But it was much easier going home, yes!

JP said...

Love the Jordan's washing line analogy!

Very wet and windy here in London today. A storm force squall hit us about noon during which visibility dropped dramatically, and there was a very sorry looking drenched eight out in it.

More the time of year to be snug indoors than out on the water (for me anyhow)

Chris Partridge said...

Thanks JP, and I've been following your Georgian holiday enviously. Really interesting and lovely pics: