Wednesday 2 June 2010

First Ella hits the water

Ella, Gavin and Norman with Ella.
It's not often you get the chance to snap a boat with its builder, designer and the girl it's named after all in one shot, but here is Norman Fuller, Gavin Atkin and his daughter Ella with Ella, the latest rowing skiff from Gavin's drawing board.
Norman puts a bit of power on.
Ella is a simple flattie, 12ft long and slim, with flotation chambers at both ends and in the middle, which doubles as a rowing thwart. She is Norman's first boat and won't be the last, he says.
Ella was launched at Barton Turf with the HBBR, and proved to be a nice little mover despite the characteristic turbulence behind the big flat transom. On the other hand, the big flat transom gives a lot of buoyancy at the stern which was very handy when I was sitting in it.  Bet the bow went up a good deal, though.
The bow is very fine to minimise the slapping of waves on the flat bottom. The combination of the upright stem and nice sheer makes for an attractive boat. And the plans are FREE - click here to download.
 Easy does it....Ella rows out.

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