Thursday 3 June 2010

Simbo at Barton Turf

Simbo the One Sheet Wonder went to the HBBR event on Barton Broad on the top of the car. I took her round the island formed by the channels to Barton Staithe to test out the new, higher rowlock position and it worked really well. I had also bought a pair of 6ft straight oars on eBay the week before and they were perfect for the little boat.
I left Simbo on the staithe with an open invitation for anyone to use her, and here is Gavin Atkin giving her a workout. Gavin's son Ewan is rowing the new Ella skiff in the background.
Thanks to Chris Perkins for the picture - and there are lots more at the HBBR website.

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Gavin Atkin said...

Simbo's fun, and I've been wondering whether it would benefit from a skeg - as it is it turns sharply very easily but when it does so some funny lurching type things can happen. I've been struggling to get my head round the question of whether a skeg would prevent too-rapid turning or worsen the tripping and lurching issue. I can't think it through effectively, but I guess is most small rowing boats have skegs, then they must be a good thing.