Wednesday 16 June 2010

How to get there

How to get the boat down without doing your back in?
Peter Miller in Australia has sent a few pics of the roof rack system he uses get his skiff to the water. It's a problem I will need to look at soon so I am very grateful for the info. He writes:
One of the major hurdles to going for a row is actually getting your boat to the water.  Some rowers are lucky enough to live on the water or have their boat moored but even so they might want to start their trips from different locations.
First extend the side rack...
This leads to either using a trailer or perhaps putting the craft on top of your car.  The size and weight of the average boat makes car topping generally difficult but due to the Rack and Roll System and the lightness of my boat I am able to load and unload the dory on to the roof racks by myself.
...then slide the boat onto it.
The dory and oars weigh about 55 kg (120 pounds). The boat can be easily shifted so that its stern is resting on the arm that attaches to the roof racks off the side of the car.  The bow is then brought down to the ground and then the stern is lifted down.
Bow comes down...
The system can cope with loads up to 65 kg (143 pounds) so it won't suit all boats but it has allowed me to go out in the morning without calling on a second person to help shift the dory on and off the car.
...and onto the launching dolly.

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