Tuesday 22 June 2010

Lego Simbo

I'm so proud. My one-sheet ship Simbo has been modelled in Lego. It is clearly only a matter of time before a special edition is for sale in toy shops round the world, perhaps with a marker pen so builders can create their own custom beard'n'eyebrows effects. I am particularly impressed by the realistic baldy look.
The modeller is Ben Crawshaw of The Invisible Workshop, who emails:
Hi Chris,
Some time ago while playing Lego with my son I decided to try and make a rowing boat. The result, I think, is a striking resemblance to you and Simbo. I was going to use the photo for a tongue in cheek post ('Chrisp action figure and Simbo available from Lego' or some such) but then my health dived (I'm still in hospital) and well, I haven't been up for blogging since.
I've just come across the photos again and send them on to you to use as you please.
Like the new look at Rowing for Pleasure.
All the best,
Get well soon, Ben. We miss you a lot.


Unknown said...

Hi Chris, You were only today talking about body doubles of the great and famous but you kept very quiet about your body double of Lego Simbo, we would never have known had Ben not posted the photo. Thanks Ben for letting us in on the secret. Julia

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little Lego person!