Sunday 15 August 2010

Kayaking in Lyme Regis

This is a boatbuilder. You can tell he's a boatbuilder rather than a manic kayaker for what he has committed and omitted. He has omitted the lycra, helmet and plastic bag containing all his electronic gizmos, but he has committed a pencil behind his ear. I suspect he doesn't even know it is there.
The picture was sent over by Emma Brice at the Boatbuilding Academy in Lyme Regis to promote an interesting new course/holiday they are doing. The idea is that budding boatbuilders and kayakers stay at a farm near Lyme for ten days, during which time they will build the traditionally-styled West Greenland kayak and a paddle.
At £1,700 each, it would be an expensive holiday, or an expensive kayak, but for both it is great value for money. Click here for details.
OK Emma - how about doing a rowing boat for next year?

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Patrick said...

Great idea. I note the kayaks are made to measure, and the one shown in your picture looks a very snug fit. He's going to have have to be careful his waistline doesn't expand too much!

No such problems with a rowing boat, of course.

Thnaks for your most entertaining blog. I've been looking in at it every day for months